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Movement Dynamics is an athlete development consultancy that was officially launched in 2003.

The company, through its staff and other professional relationships, has access to over 50 years of experience in the research, education and practical delivery of coaching and athletic development for both elite and developing athletes.




Courses are available for practitioners, Schools, Clubs, National Governing Bodies and other organisations on request.

There are two courses currently being delivered worldwide:

A third course is also available for institutions and tertiary education establishments. This is a 36-hour module on Athletic Development.

All courses contain the What? Why? and How? aspects of the journey to physical literacy with special reference to the teaching / coaching of the ‘Foundation Movements’ that act as the glue to all sports-specific development and general well-being for all. Each contains practical elements pertaining to assessment and progression and reference to the supporting resources that are available for the student, teacher or coach.

Both of the current courses can be tailored to suit the individual environment whether in schools, universities, clubs or for conferences and workshops.

Contact – Kelvin Giles +44 7792307619